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January 12, 2010 - Lake McQueeney with Cliff and Rich
January 20, 2010 - Calaveras -  Don
April 10, 2010 - Calaveras Catmen Get-Together
September 16, 2010 - Calaveras - Don
October 21, 2010 - Calaveras - Don

January 12, 2010
Lake McQueeney - Don, Rich & Cliff

Great day w/Cliff 45 - 60 degrees
Light wind
52-55 degree water.
14 nice fish with the blues up to  about 9 pounds using shad


January 20, 2010
Calaveras - Don

Wonderful Day 58 - 70 degrees
Wind S 5 - 10
62 - 67 degree water.
15 Channels to 3.5 pounds using shrimp and Marv's.

Wall was rough and unproductive.  The cove was totally without fish.



All fish were taken under the turkeys.  Stealthfully snuck up on them and threw the bait under the branches.  Each tree produced 2-3 fish.

My favorite



April 10, 2010    5th Calaveras Catmen Get-Together
Follow the thread for this event on Texas Fishing Forum

What a great event!    About 80 folks fished, laughed, joked, shared secrets (yeah, right!), and ate.  Everyone chipped in and made it wonderful.   There were about 56 tourney-paying fishermen in various configurations of teams.  The heroes of this party are Michael (Southernboy), John( partime), Audrey, Linda, Michael, Cliff, and Big Marv.

Our heaviest 10-catfish stringer team winners are:

 1st place - Cliff Hill and  Dave Thomas   19.80 lb   ~  $223
 2nd place - Big Marv, John and Justin            17.32 lb   ~  $148
 3rd place - Michael Nichols and Marty           17.10 lb   ~  $74

Our heaviest catfish individual winners are:

 1st place - Cliff Hill                            3.74 lb - ??  (I  don't remember)
 2nd place -Joel                                           3.30 lb   - ?? 
(I don't remember)
 3rd place - Michael Nichols                         3.00 lb   - ??
( I don't remember)

Thanks to Lonnie for the certified scales, working the weigh-in, and to Audrey for handling the money.  Audrey is a special lady...up and collecting at 5 A.M. and understanding the Alien algorithm for determining the prize amounts.  Everyone needs to thank her for her perfect performance in dealing with the weird people in this event.

A big, big thanks to Marty for donating the trophies and getting us to expand the prizes  

"thank you" to the pride of my life, Linda, for doing all the preppin', dippin' and breadin'.  More thanks to Mark. Tammy, Mike and Rachel for helping Linda and I with watching our 5 yr old grand girl, Beth,  and preparing the tables and cleaning, during and afterwards.

I will be updating this area with a spread sheet which will give the details of the results in the next couple of days.

but first, the pictures.



This is what you get when your boat finds an electrical have to come back to the campsite and fish from the bank....    a largemouth.. 4.94 pounds on a shad,   Go figure!

Thanks to John (parttime) for bringing this fish fryin' machine!

Bring on those filets!!!!





Beth, relating to the fishermen....   and you used what for bait??   :)




This pic is priceless...  Where did you catch these and how??



September 16, 2011
Calaveras - Don

Beautiful calm day, 90 degrees,
Light wind

91 - 94 degree water.
1 dink - just one of those days.

Fished between the new and old bridges where I have caught so many in the past.... not even a bite on shrimp or Marv's.

The boat performed great, .... even after a long rest.  Gonna be out more when it is cooler and the water turkeys are back.

They are still selling the annual passes for the same prices...a real bargain.

Got my senior all water annual Texas fishing license online this morning for $22.00 plus $5 service charge...pretty good deal.  You can only get this from Sep to Sep...not year-to-date, using the online service.




Went to the Cove and found Mr. Eagle still there.


October 21, 2010
Calaveras - Don

Beautiful windy day, 85 degrees,
calm wind early NE and then switching from SE 10-20.

85-86 degree water.
5 Nice Channels...  biggest 3.8

Fished under large dead trees which were just vacated by cormorants.  The first 10- 15 minutes was all that was needed in each of the two spots.  All the rest, deep or the cove was a waste of bait.   All caught on peeled shrimp.  Cove was running but no one was catching.

Super to have the birds back.  A small contingent of white pelicans and lots of water turkeys.  The eagle is still in the cove along with the osprey.



Eagle Video