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May 9, 2009  4th Cally Get-Together
July 14, 2009  Calaveras - Linda

January - April, 2009

  Did not go out due to moving residences.  Fixing up old and renovating new houses kept me too busy.  


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May 9, 2009
4th Cally Catmen Get-Together

Congratulations again to the Barnhills.   Judson had the biggest cat (2.8) and the heaviest stringer.  The fish were smaller than previous years.  The total was about 85 pounds for 80 fish.  None left after the fish fry.

Thanks go to everyone but is was Southernboy (Michael) who organized the event, held down the campsite with a couple of others for a full day and night, provided most of the fish fry fixin's and did the cooking.

Send any more pictures to


New hatch

The 'Cove'

Team Marv

Bobby and Bobby


You know where... Caught 11 keepers on Marv's in about 90 minutes.  Looks like the fish are bigger and biting shallow.

Told you I had not been out in a while.    Charged up both batteries, but both failed me in the cove.   Rich and Rich towing service saved me.


Kevin and Susan

Justin, the winner
Proud Winner 'Willis' of the smallest stringer.

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July 14, 2009
Calaveras Lake

Hot to Hotter day.
7:00A - 9:30A
Air Temp = 82-90F
H2O temp  ??F  (did not look)
Wind variable less than 5mph
Bait:  Big Marv's only

Pump not running but fished the cove anyway and did not move.

Lake is full and there are plenty of shad slapping the surface all over the place.

And my best looking fishing partner... and she saved the day!

And the catch....

They are planting some aquatic vegetation in the 181 cove.  Glad to see that someone cares about the lake.

Other folks were catching a lot of reds

This trip adventure:

Like any dedicated fisherman, I do not like to lose a pole and/or a fish.  Unfortunately, my lunge to grab the fleeing pole with a fish on the other end, ended up with me falling in.  Actually, my shorts caught on a cleat as I tumbled overboard and I was hanging over the gunnels until Linda could get me loose.

I hit my head on some part of the boat and have a laceration.  After overcoming the embarrassment, I realized a lot of pride that I found the pole and caught the fish!

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