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Days 1 and 2

Thursday & Friday  July 26 and 27











































































































































































































































































Fireweed Link 1










Fireweed Link 2










































































Launch Video






























Cook Inlet west of Homer
1 hour boat drive from Ninilchik
230 feet deep
strong outgoing tide
10 pound weights
2 fish limit
minimum size kept = 20 lb.
potential size = 300+ lb.
Extreme work to pull up weight,
much less fish attached.










































































































































































































Great on the Grill!
Aluminum foil (w/butter)
tomato slices
onion rings
sharp cheddar cheese
bell peppers

Thursday and Friday  July 26 and 27

Tidal mud just south of Anchorage

"Doll" sheep


Beautiful Scenery

Rafting Instruction

Gold Rush of 1848 site

Log Carvings

Log Carvings

Log Carvings

Log Carvings

Log Carvings

Thursday's Catch of Halibut in Ninilchik

Luckily for Linda, we had running water

Fireweed and Linda

Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik

Looking west @ Ring of Fire volcanos

Fireweed was everywhere!

Launching into the surf with tractors.

Halibut Bait

Linda and Megan (catching fish)
Linda wearing pincher style rod holster

Megan1 from Colorado

Other boat's catch

Our boat's catch

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